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Plan Shelter for Animals

From The Indianapolis Times, Tuesday, October 25, 1920:  “Buy a Brick for $1 (2019:  $13) - Help Build the Shelter for Animals,” is the advertising slogan of the Indianapolis Humane Society’s appeal for facilities to care for the city’s outcast and stray animals.  Solicitation begins next week when 25,000 miniature bricks will be available for purchase by Indianapolis citizens whose hearts are in sympathy with the goal of the Society.  Harry Stutz, president of Stutz Motor Car Co, endorsed the project saying, “I am heartily in sympathy with this campaign and you may put me down for $100.  A man would have to be a very poor sportsman not to have sympathy for dumb animals.”  Money from the appeal will go entirely for building costs.  Membership dues and a monthly community chest allotment provide funds for maintenance of the Society.



“Plan Shelter for Animals,” The Indianapolis Times, 25 October 1920, p. 12:1


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