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Musical Memory Contest Arranged for High Schools

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, March 17, 1920: A music memory contest will be held in Shortridge High School’s Caleb Mills Hall tomorrow evening. Ten pupils from each of the Indianapolis public high schools will compete for three individual cash prizes given by the Indiana Musicians Club, Indianapolis Matinee Musicale, and Indianapolis Community Service. The Indianapolis Rotary Club will present a banner as the team prize. The Orloff Trio will play numbers from a list of fifty selections of good music which should be familiar to everyone making the slightest pretensions to musical appreciation. Contest judges will be Leslie Peck, director Metropolitan School of Music; Elizabeth Sharpe, vocal teacher; and William Mitchell, orchestra manager Circle Theater. Edward Birge, school music supervisor, believes this will help Indianapolis high school pupils in their work of musical appreciation now included in the curriculum.

“Musical Memory Contest Arranged for High Schools,” The Indianapolis Star, 17 March 1920, p. 8:3



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