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More Housewives in Sugar Boycott

From The Indianapolis Times, Wednesday, May 2, 1923: As sugar prices have soared to 11 and 12 cents a pound retail, women’s clubs and civic associations across the country have organized a sugar boycott to hammer sugar prices back to a fair price of 7 cents a pound. The Marion County Housewives League has already joined the boycott and asks other organizations to cooperate with the national movement to reduce sugar consumption 100,000 tons during the next ten days. “If everyone would refrain from the use of sugar for one week, the market would crash,” declared Stanley Wyckhoff, former county food administrator. According to Wyckhoff, Cuban producers have borrowed money from American bankers on their sugar crop and are storing it. He anticipates the price will continue to increase until August when the American sugar beet crop hits the market.

“More Housewives in Sugar Boycott,” The Indianapolis Times, 2 May 1923, p. 1:3


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