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Mayor Threatens Ride Behind Mules for All Offenders

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, December 7, 1922: There has been a noticeable decrease in motor car accidents as a result of the five days’ war against speeders. The deaths of two women by speeding automobiles prompted the crackdown. Mayor Lew Shank has promised a ride to the city prison in a mule driven dump wagon as punishment for arrested “speed fiends” if current methods do not stop the mounting toll of automobile deaths and accidents. The mayor also will ask the legislature to increase the penalties for violators of automobile traffic laws and a city ordinance will be drafted to aid in curbing the speed-mad motorist. The city court has been quickly disposing of speeding cases and those found guilty paid $1 (2020: $16) a mile for the rate of speed at which the defendant was traveling when arrested.


“Mayor Threatens Ride Behind Mules for All Offenders,” The Indianapolis Star, 7 December 1922, p. 1:6


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