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Mayor Favors Idea of Radio on Autos

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, February 20, 1923: Last night, Mayor Lew Shank approved a plan to install a radio receiving set in each police automobile so that when a crime is reported to headquarters the information could be immediately broadcast to every police officer in an automobile in the city. When Patrolman Franklin Bensley presented the proposal six weeks ago, a radio transmitter set would have been installed in police headquarters, but the police chief thought the cost of such a radio system would be prohibitive. However, since then Francis Hamilton, who operates a sending station at 2029 N. Alabama, has developed a plan to connect a direct telephone line to police headquarters so when a crime is reported the information can be immediately relayed to the radio operator who would then broadcast the information to each police car.

“Mayor Favors Idea of Radio on Autos,” The Indianapolis Star, 20 February 1923, p. 8:3


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