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Haag Brothers Found Guilty in Liquor Case

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, June 23, 1920: Brothers Louis Haag and Julius Haag, Haag Drug Co proprietors, were found guilty yesterday by a jury in Federal court on twenty-eight counts of violating the Reed Amendment, transporting whisky from a “wet” to a “dry” state, and one count of conspiracy against the United States. The government showed Louis Haag ordered 1,015 gallons of whisky between December 13 and 23, 1918. He ordered all this to be rushed. The Haags claimed the whisky was for medicinal purposes and the large number of prescriptions filled at their drug store on Pennsylvania St was the result of the influenza epidemic. The U. S. district attorney sarcastically said, “Oh yes, it must be rushed, for everybody was dying of the flu then!” The brothers were sentenced to eighteen months in the Atlanta federal prison.

“Haag Brothers Found Guilty in Liquor Case,” The Indianapolis Star, 23 June 1920, p. 1:1

“Haags Flayed in Court by Can Nuys,” The Indianapolis News, 22 June 1920, p. 1:7



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