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Graves of City's Founders May be Terminal Site

From The Indianapolis Times, Monday, February 26, 1923: “I’m the last member of the Nowland family, and I certainly do regret to see the memory of my ancestor and the other pioneer citizens of Indianapolis desecrated in this way,” Edwin Nowland said in response to an Indiana state senate bill which provides for the confiscation of historic Greenlawn Cemetery for the site of a freight terminal for the traction companies. Overgrown with weeds, cluttered with junk and the city’s refuse, the graves of pioneers receive no attention from the citizens of the city which these men and women founded. The names of many families prominent in the early history of Indianapolis appear on broken slabs and markers in the dilapidated cemetery. “It is an outrage. The people should make this a beauty spot. Their memory should be respected,” Nowland declared.

“Graves of City’s Founders May be Terminal Site,” The Indianapolis Times, 26 February 1923, p. 2:2


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