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Flanner House Report Reviews Race Problem

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, August 21, 1922: Charles Lee, Flanner House superintendent, in his report to the directors said housing is one of the most acute problems confronting colored people in Indianapolis. A survey of housing conditions among white and colored poor families, found nothing among the worst homes of white people that approached conditions found frequently among the colored. He also pointed out that the opening of Douglass Park is a fine beginning in public recreation for colored people, but this park is far from the city’s northwest section where most of the colored people reside. No permanent playground has yet been provided in the area. “Many forms of commercialized amusement are closed to colored citizens of refined taste, and often the colored child is shut out from any but the most inferior kind of entertainment,” Lee said.


“Flanner House Report Reviews Race Problem,” The Indianapolis News, 21 August 1922, p. 16:1


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