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Federal Agents Hunt for Reds in Indianapolis

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, January 4, 1920: Federal agents arrested twenty alleged radical agitators last night in raids in Terre Haute, Clinton, and Ft. Wayne as part of the nation-wide round-up of anarchists. Warrants were issued for the arrest of fifty men, but many agitators disappeared, having been alerted by premature raids on reds in Chicago conducted by state authorities. Hearings of the reds will begin Tuesday in Indianapolis before an immigration inspector, and those found guilty of anarchistic agitation or teachings will be ordered deported. Two foreign born men were taken into custody in Indianapolis but were released after they were found to be naturalized citizens. They were thought to be members of the Communist Labor Party and the evidence taken from them will be turned over to state authorities for prosecution under the Indiana Red Flag law.

“Federal Agents Hunt for Reds in Indianapolis,” The Indianapolis Star, 4 January 1920, p. 1:6

“Two Men Arrested Here,” The Indianapolis Star, 5 January 1920, p. 1:3



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