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Death-Knell of Doo-Dad Sounded by Ross Crane

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, May 4, 1921: The “doo-dad” is the curse of the modern American home,” declared Ross Crane of the Art Institute of Chicago in remarks given at the opening of the Better Homes Institute he is conducting at Tomlinson Hall under the auspices of the Indianapolis Real Estate Board. “We buy doo-dads because doo-dads are ‘the thing;’ we bring home things without use or beauty. When we get rid of the nonessentials, we get the essentials of our lives into working order. If a thing is beautiful, why hide it? If a thing isn’t beautiful, why have it?” he said. “Interior decoration is based on color, form, line, texture, and utility. If the American people would learn beautiful furniture and draperies are always ‘in,’ it would cost less for them to furnish their homes,” Ross asserted.


“Death-Knell of Doo-Dad Sounded by Ross Crane,” The Indianapolis Star, 4 May 1921, p. 10:5


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