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County to Teach Women How Vote Machinery Works

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, August 19, 1920:  Yesterday’s vote in Tennessee ratifying the Federal suffrage amendment guarantees women will have the same voting privileges as men at the November election.  Marion County auditor Leo Fesler plans to erect voting machines in various places available to women so they will have an opportunity to become familiar with the operation of the voting machinery before the election.  Registration will be conducted in each precinct from Sep 4 to Oct 4 and forms will be placed in drug stores around the city for men and women to complete and mail to the auditor.  Women may request a number of registration forms, and someone to assist in filling them out, if they wish to make a semi-social event of registration.  Precinct officials will decide whether separate voting places shall be provided for women. 

“County to Teach Women How Vote Machinery Works,” The Indianapolis Star, 19 August 1920, p. 1:2



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