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City's Schools Taboo Politics

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, October 26, 1921: The Indianapolis board of school commissioners announced last night it will stand by its policy forbidding active participation in politics by school employees following charges that political party workers demanded contributions for campaign purposes from janitors and other school personnel. The board said regardless of intimations by party workers, school employee places will not be placed in jeopardy through refusal to contribute. The board, during a spirited discussion, also condemned the practice of teachers in public schools collecting money from children in connection with charitable campaigns. Numerous complaints have been made that children were being assessed $1 (2020: $15) each for the Riley Memorial Hospital campaign. The board had adopted a resolution last year prohibiting all charitable solicitations except those approved by the superintendent of schools with children giving what they desired.

“City’s Schools Taboo Politics,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 October 1921, p. 1:6


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