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Big Money League Guided By Caution

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, March 21, 1923: Members of the Big Money League direct elaborate bootlegging operations for bringing smuggled liquor and dope from Florida and Georgia ports up the Dixie Highway to Indianapolis. Secrecy on the part of men higher up is essential and they stay far away from the small local bootlegger who gets his supply through a third, or fourth person so there is no chance in case of arrest of revealing the higher up’s name. Big Money Leaguers sit in their home using telephones with unlisted numbers to speak in coded messages with confidential agents of proven fidelity to negotiate deals. An agent has a customer list whose names may be recorded as prospective automobile buyers in case the list falls into the hands of the police. The buyer from the agent takes the chances.

“Big Money League Guided By Caution,” The Indianapolis News, 21 March 1923, p. 1:4


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