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Vote of Delegates Reverses Report

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, November 11, 1919: The permanent home of the American Legion will be in Indianapolis. Delegates at the first national American Legion convention in Minneapolis selected the Hoosier Capital City, shortly after noon today, over Washington, DC on a second ballot vote of 361 to 323. Many delegates believed the legion would be the victim of “pernicious politics” if it lingered long in the national capital. In contrast to “blue sky” proposals made by Minneapolis and Washington, the Indiana delegates could not promise the legion anything of a definite nature and had not been armed with any offers from Indianapolis civic organizations. The offices of the permanent Legion national headquarters will bring 300 employment opportunities to Indianapolis. Within a few months the organization’s authorized publication, The American Legion Weekly, will be moved to the city.

“Vote of Delegates Reverses Report,” The Indianapolis Star, 11 November 1919, p. 1:7

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