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Split Develops in Conference on Fuel Order

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, November 6, 1919: In response to the national bituminous coal miners’ strike, a State utility fuel committee has been appointed to survey the coal supplies of utilities and make recommendations on the conservation of fuel. Indianapolis utilities objected to a blanket order curtailing services, noting that lightless nights would result in great commercial loss and lowering the water pressure 10 per cent would have a bad effect on the city’s industrial life. The Citizens Gas Co asked for an order limiting the use of gas logs for home heating so that the company’s coal supply may not be depleted. Discontinuance of electric and gas use in signage and window lighting, as well as electric street lighting, except on moonless and cloudy nights, will be considered. Maintaining public health and safety will be of utmost concern.

“Split Develops in Conference on Fuel Order,” The Indianapolis Star, 5 November 1919, p. 1:6

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