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Organize City Uplift Work

From The Indianapolis Star, Friday, July 18, 1919: The organization of the Indianapolis Settlement Union was announced yesterday for the coordination of all settlement work in the city with other neighborhood activities and social service agencies. Members include Christamore College Settlement, Cosmopolitan House, Flanner House and Immigrants’ House. Established under the auspices of the War Chest Board, the eight-member governing council representing the settlement houses elected Judge James A. Collins (Immigrants’ House) chair; Charles O. Lee (Flanner House), vice chair; and Olive D. Edwards (Christamore House), secretary. The mission of the union is to promote the welfare of the Indianapolis community through cooperation between the settlements and other philanthropic and civic activities and public agencies. The union can evaluate the necessity of new movements that are constantly springing up and it will be able to eliminate duplication and wasted effort.

“Organize City Uplift Work,” The Indianapolis Star, 18 July 1919, p. 20:2

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