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Brilliant Pageantry of Night Parade Crowns Shrinedom's Gala Week

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, June 12, 1919: A series of flashlight photographs captured a record number of patrols, bands and chanters in last night’s Shrine Imperial Council parade. More than 5,500 uniformed Shriners, many clad in zouave dress, and 1,500 fez capped Nobles in evening dress passed before a spellbound crowd of 200,000 gazing at the spectacle the like of which Indianapolis never saw or heard before. The host Murat Temple Shriners headed the parade with the band in green and white capes, the patrol in red trousers and green and yellow jackets, and the Bedouins in long floating white robes. Sixty-three other temples followed, each seeming more gorgeously dressed than the one preceding. With the coming of dusk, horsemen and chariots fringed with lights joined the lights winking out on the caps and fezzes many of the marchers.

“Brilliant Pageantry of Night Parade…,” The Indianapolis Star, 12 June 1919, p. 1:1

The Indianapolis Star, 12 June 1919, p. 1.

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