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Requests Members of Legislature to Act

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, June 5, 1919: The Indiana Woman’s Franchise League today called for quick ratification of the suffrage amendment passed yesterday by the United States Senate. Indianapolis attorney Emma Eaton White, president of the Legislative Council of Indiana Women, called upon Indiana General Assembly members to request Gov. Goodrich call a special one-day session of the state legislature to ratify the amendment. Mrs. White said, “Action of this kind might start a wave over the country, other legislatures following the example of Indiana. Indiana is not a state that follows, but one that leads, and I do not want her to be among the last to ratify.” Sara Lauter, president of the Indianapolis Franchise League, has called a special meeting of the League’s board to plan an appropriate celebration on the Senate’s adoption of the suffrage amendment.

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The Indianapolis News, 5 June 1919, p. 27.

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