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Courthouse Question Before County Concil

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, May 15, 1919: At today’s County Council meeting, Councilor Jesse Potter proposed the county commissioners consider the question of building a new Court House and investigate whether the ground on which the present Court House sits could be sold for a sufficient amount to cover the cost of a new structure and to pay off the mortgage on the old building. Sentiment seemed to favor a new $1,000,000 (2018: $14,714,827) structure built on the north half of the present Court House Square. One suggestion was for erecting a large office-style building having sufficient room for the offices of all county officials and courts. Another idea was to construct a combined Court House and coliseum, the cost being shared by the county and city. The commissioners may soon prepare a plan for a new Court House.

“Courthouse Question Before County Council,” The Indianapolis News, 15 May 1919, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis News, 15 May 1919, p. 7.

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