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Auto Show Will Hold Boards This Week

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, March 10, 1919: The Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association will hold its eighteenth annual show this week. Since no building in the city is large enough to hold the exhibition, the display will be held in salesrooms along the “Motor Rows” - Capitol Avenue, Meridian, Pennsylvania and Delaware Streets. The public will be treated with souvenirs and favors as they move from dealer to dealer while being entertained with jazz bands and soloists, harpists and classical selections as salesmen describe the merits of four, six, eight or twelve-cylinder auto power plants. Although very few strictly new models will be on the show room floors, little refinements and conveniences will be entirely worth seeing. A Curtiss airplane will be a special feature on exhibit at the Gibson Co, appointed dealers for the sale of airplanes in Indiana.

“Auto Show Will Hold Boards This Week; All’s Ready,” The Indianapolis Star, 10 March 1919, p. 1:5

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The Indianapolis Star, 9 March 1919, p. 51.

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