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City to Spend $5,040,000 on 1919 Building

From The Indianapolis Star, Monday, March 3, 1919: New building and construction work in Indianapolis during the coming year is estimated at $5,040,000 (2018: $74,1627,729). Forty percent of the construction money will go to city projects that include schools, the first unit of the sewage disposal plant, and street and sewer construction. Railroad track elevation work in the downtown area is underway and railway improvements by various lines entering the city account for about two million dollars. Improvements to the stockyards and a proposed building at the State Fair Grounds will contribute more than $600,000 to the total amount of construction funds. A new Lyric Theater, a large factory building of the VanCamp Packing Co on South East Street and the Belt Railroad, and a Spink apartment building will see an expenditure of nearly a million dollars in private money.

“City to Spend $5,040,000 on 1919 Building” The Indianapolis Star, 3 March 1919, p. 1:5


The Indianapolis Star, 3 March 1919, p. 5.

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