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Wolf Hunt Arouses State-Wide Interest

From The Indianapolis News, Thursday, January 23, 1919: Two wolves have been attacking animals belonging to farmers in the vicinity of Allisonville. The wolves are running wild in the White River bottoms and a hunt is being organized to capture them. An area farmer has discovered the wolves’ lair and a hunt will be held next Wednesday. Several good coon dogs and fox hounds, a white wolf hound and a couple of Airedales have been loaned for the hunt. Some Brown County men have also offered to send their hunting dogs. Charles Buschmann plans to get twelve automobiles for the chase and the hunt will conclude with a celebration and feast at an Indianapolis club. The weather is such that tracking the wolves will not be difficult. Firearms will not be permitted; the expected 300 participants will bring their own clubs.

“Real Live Wolves in White River Bottoms,” The Indianapolis News, 23 January 1918, p. 5:1

“Wolf Hunt Arouses State-Wide Interest,” The Indianapolis News, 25 January 1918, p. 8:4


The Indianapolis News, 25 January 1919, p. 8.

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