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Ministers Urge Amusement Ban

From The Indianapolis Star, Tuesday, December 3: A meeting of the Indianapolis Ministers’ Association at Roberts Park Methodist Episcopal Church yesterday adopted a resolution submitted by the church’s pastor, Rev. George M. Smith, calling upon the city administration to enforce the law providing for Sunday theater closing. “Commercialized amusements on the Sabbath, like the open theater and moving picture shows, are not only a violation of the sanctity of the Sabbath, but of the established laws of the state of Indiana, and therefore have no moral or legal right to exist,” stated the resolution. The previous city administration enabled these amusements to open on the Sabbath in a most sinister way by allowing a contribution for the admission fee with a portion going to charity. The association appointed a committee to meet with Mayor Charles Jewett and deliver the resolution.

“Ministers Urge Amusement Ban,” The Indianapolis Star, 3 December 1918, p. 14:4

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