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Seeing World is Made Easy

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, September 11: The Indianapolis Star will publish each Sunday a series of travel articles describing some corner of the world of particular interest, and during the following week a travel film of human interest scenes illustrating the article will be shown on the screen at Keith’s Theater, 117 N. Pennsylvania, and in theaters in other Indiana cities as a feature of the regular vaudeville bill. The first article in the series deals with our new island possession, the Danish West Indies, and in particular St. Thomas. Clyde E. Elliott, director general of Post Travel, wrote the articles from first hand observations and directed the cameramen in their journey around the world. Scenes from the interior of India, China, and Japan that have never been photographed by a cinematographer will be shown to complement the articles.

“Seeing World is Made Easy,” The Indianapolis Star, 11 September 1918, p. 3:5

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