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Changes Are Made in Auto Parking Rules

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, September 6: The Indianapolis public safety board today announced changes to the recent plans for handling traffic and vehicle parking in the congested downtown district. The board heard suggestions and complaints since implementing the regulations, and this final revision will result in the greatest good to all concerned. Parking flat against the curb in Washington, North Pennsylvania and North Illinois streets, and no-left turns at the principal street intersections remain unchanged. The main change is in the allotted space provided for parking vehicles in and near the business center. Vehicle drivers will be able to park near the place they wish to do business or leave their car for an indefinite period. This will give vehicle drivers reasonable access to the congested district, while at the same time keeping the safety of pedestrians in mind.

“Changes Are Made in Auto Parking Rules,” The Indianapolis News, 6 September 1918, p. 1:3

The Indianapolis News, 6 September 1918, p. 8.

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