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Question Brought Up in License Granting

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, August 13: Forty-six federal licenses and only twenty state permits have been issued under the new state prohibition law allowing persons and firms in Indianapolis and Marion County to deal in or possess alcoholic liquors, according to county clerk Theodore Stein, Jr. Only seven names appear on both lists - Wm N Arnett Drugs, Harry J Borst Drugs, Haag Drug Co, A Hoffman & Co Drugs, Charles E McKenzie Drugs, Mooney-Mueller-Ward Co Drugs, and Fred H Vogt Drugs. Stein has asked for a state ruling concerning the law’s provision “concerning the sale of intoxicants and the right to receive, possess and use alcohol or mixtures containing alcohol.” Another question is whether possessing a federal license without a state permit is to be regarded as prima facie evidence of the intent to operate a “blind tiger.”

“Question Brought Up in License Granting,” The Indianapolis News, 13 August 1918, p. 5:4

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