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Pacifists Not Wanted in 'Y' Work in France

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, April 16: No Socialists, pacifists, or men of German parentage will be considered for recreational and educational work of the Y.M.C.A. in France. This was the message brought to Indianapolis today by a delegation, led Arthur G. Knebel who is executive secretary of the “Ys” war personnel board, which is touring the country to assist in enlisting the 1,000 men needed each month to work overseas. Knebel strongly emphasized that even in the face of the immense demands being made on the Y.M.C.A., only men of the highest character, in the best of health, over the draft age, but not over fifty years of age, can be used for the association’s work in France. Business and professional men, particularly, are being sought. The Allies have asked the Y.M.C.A. to provide recreation for their soldiers.

“Pacifists Not Wanted in ‘Y’ Work in France,” The Indianapolis News, 16 April 1918, p. 4:3

The Indianapolis Star, 16 April 1918, p. 4

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