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Girl Scout Troop Formed

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, February 23: The first Girl Scout Troop in Indianapolis has been organized in Irvington by twenty girls between the ages of ten and eighteen. The new troop is officially designated Red Clover Troop No. 1, and (Mrs. Gilbert) Anna Ridge, 23 Johnson Av, is the captain, or scout mistress. She also has charge of the Girl Scout work in Indianapolis and plans to organize troops wherever mothers and girls wish it, and where capable leaders who can give their time to it can be found. Miss Lucile Ridge is lieutenant, or senior patrol leader. Next month will be the sixth anniversary of the Girl Scouts of America. The movement began in England, where it is known as Girl Guides, by Miss Agnes Baden-Powell, the sister of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, organizer of the British Boy Scouts.

“Girl Scout Troop Formed,” The Indianapolis News, 23 February 1918, p. 14:7


The Indianapolis News, 23 February 1918, p. 26

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