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Favors Skip-Stop on Indianapolis Lines

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, January 23: The idea of skip-stops on the city street car lines is an innovation that is spreading across the country in connection with the saving of coal, and Indianapolis residents may soon expect this practice being adopted here according to Robert L. Todd, Indianapolis Traction & Terminal Co president. Skip-stops mean that street cars will stop only at every other street crossing instead of the present system of stopping at every crossing. Skip-stops will save tremendous amounts of coal since the amount of electrical energy required to start a car from a standstill is much greater than the amount required to keep it moving. When the number of stops is reduced, the amount of electricity required to operate a line is reduced proportionately; saving electricity means saving coal. Also skip-stops will speed up service.

“Favors Skip-Stop Plan on Indianapolis Lines,” The Indianapolis News, 23 January 1918, p. 11:1


The Indianapolis News, 23 January 1918, p. 7

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