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Visions of Dog 'Mule' Sniffers if Mayor's Plan Materializes

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, January 10, 1923: Mayor Lew Shank proposes acquiring two or more German police dogs, direct from Germany, to do police work in Indianapolis. Dogs could be taught to ascertain at a sniff that a “bootlegger” has a hip flask or to distinguish from afar the peculiar rattling, rolling noise created by a pair of dice thrown on a table. If the dogs are acquired, they would accompany the squads of “night riders” patrolling the city in automobiles and their duty would be to capture suspicious persons trying to escape when accosted by the police. “A couple of those dogs would be of great value to the city police, and with proper training a police dog accompanying an officer could bring down a fleeing criminal without the officer having to fire his revolver,” the mayor said.


“Visions of Dog ‘Mule’ Sniffers if Mayor’s Plan Materializes,” The Indianapolis News, 10 January 1923, p. 1:4


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