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Three Men to Watch Each West Side Block

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, March 13, 1923: The West Indianapolis Civic League for the Enforcement of Law West of White River met last night and selected officers. Three men, known as captains, will be assigned to every square in West Indianapolis to watch for and report to the central committee any violations of the law. These will then be reported to the proper authorities and action urged. “Blind tigers might as well move out of West Indianapolis because we’re going to get them,” one league official said. Bootleggers ply their trade in that part of the city and illicit whisky is made there constantly. More than 500 citizens attended the first meeting of the league and voted to conduct an energetic campaign against vice and violations of the liquor law until West Indianapolis is a fit place for children.

“Three Men to Watch Each West Side Block,” The Indianapolis News, 13 March 1923, p. 1:7


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