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Thousands Here May Lose Vote

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, October 14, 1920:  Thousands of Marion County citizens will not be able to vote in the coming election unless special arrangements are made, according to county clerk Richard Sipe.  With over 169,000 registered voters in the county, the 180 voting machines are sufficient for about 119,000 voters, leaving about 50,000 votes to be cast by Australian (paper) ballot.  In the time allotted for voting, voters will have to scramble to cast their votes and thousands may not be able to vote.  The clerk estimates the tabulation of machine and Australian ballot returns from many precincts may not be received until noon on the day after the election.  Placing machines in heavily registered precincts and using the Australian ballot in outlying precincts where registration is light will help to manage the election economically and efficiently.    



“Thousands Here May Lose Vote,” The Indianapolis Star, 14 October 1920, p. 18:3


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