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Special Warning Signs Placed Near Portable School Building

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, January 12, 1924:  “SCHOOL ZONE – DON’T KILL A CHILD” proclaims special warning signs placed by the Hoosier Motor Club safety department in the vicinity of the portable public school building at Emerson and English Avenues.  The signs are intended to protect children who attend the school and are compelled to walk to and from their homes along paved roads because there are no sidewalks.  The standard “School – Slow” signs had been previously erected by the safety department along roads in the vicinity of the school, but the signage seemed to have little effect on the motor traffic.  The area is sparsely built up and motorists travel at full highway speed on English Av and Brookville Rd, so it is hoped that the special signs reading

“Special Warning Signs Placed Near Portable School Building,” The Indianapolis News, 12 January 1924, p. 13:1


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