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Racers to Parade in City Streets

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, November 10, 1922: The new Hoosier Motor Speedway, East 38th St and Pendleton Pike, will open with pomp and ceremony tomorrow, Armistice Day. The day’s events will begin with Mayor Lew Shank and a detachment of mounted police leading a parade of thirty-five racing machines through downtown streets before the cars speed off to the track for the elimination trials. Many well-known dirt track drivers will be competing to be one of fifteen racers selected to start in the seventy-five-mile event. Spectators in the home stretch stands will see thrills aplenty, as anyone who has followed dirt track racing knows, as the speedsters and their drivers sprint around the half-mile sixty-foot-wide banked turn oval dirt track. A pagoda opposite the stands will allow judges to score the race and the press to report the results.

“Racers to Parade in City Streets,” The Indianapolis News, 10 November 1922, p. 36:1


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