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Pound Closed, Dogs Drugged

From The Indianapolis Times, Wednesday, January 17, 1923: The city dog pound is no more and a whiff of chloroform emanates from the place as ill dogs or those for whom no home could be found are put to death. Former pound master Dr. Elizabeth Conger said it’s an act of kindness to put dogs “to sleep” since the city council failed to pass an appropriation of $5,700 (2020: $88,000) for the upkeep of the pound. During the past year, over 1,300 dogs have been sheltered at the pound, and with the pound’s closure several dogs have been placed with veterinarian Dr. Michael McGintey and with men at the municipal yards. The president of the Humane Society said hereafter it could take in injured dogs and humanely put them down, but the society could make no provisions for stray dogs.


“Pound Closed; Dogs Drugged,” The Indianapolis Times, 17 January 1923, p. 1:3


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