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Oust Vendors from Courthouse Yard

From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, December 28, 1922: More than 100 produce standholders and city market outdoor concessionaires will be limited to the curbs surrounding the Marion County Courthouse, after January 1, according to an order posted by the board of county commissioners yesterday. The spaces occupied every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday by the standholders will be sowed with grass and beautified with flowers and shrubbery. Park benches will be placed around the grounds for the relaxation of working people during the lunch hour. Local civic associations have complained that the Courthouse is an historical building, and the refuse of the concessionaires diminishes its beauty. The order is viewed as a blow to city market standholders as there is no other space available in the market house. The city has jurisdiction over the curb areas and apportions space to standholders.

“Oust Vendors from Courthouse Yard,” The Indianapolis Star, 28 December 1922, p. 8:3


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