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Indianapolis Lungs Found Color of Fog

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, October 20, 1922: Dr. Herman G. Morgan, secretary of the Indianapolis board of health, is convinced that enough impurities reach the lungs of the city’s citizens from smoky air to have some effect on the public’s health. He said that all autopsies performed in the city show that instead of the lungs being a light pink, the normal color, they are a sort of murky hue, a shade similar to the smoky fog that hangs over Indianapolis. Because of this smoky atmosphere, if a person has lived here six months the lungs will not be a normal color but will be discolored. “Regulations to reduce this smoke nuisance to a minimum should be enforced rigidly. Efficient smoke consuming devices are on the market, and they have been used successfully in other cities,” Dr. Morgan said.


“Indianapolis Lungs Found Color of Fog,” The Indianapolis News, 20 October 1922, p. 1:5


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