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Indianapolis is Book Poor

From The Indianapolis Star, Sunday, February 20, 1921: Indianapolis is book poor! The library is 100,000 volumes short of what a library for a city of this size should have, and with a 30% increase in the number of library patrons in the last three years the high schooler trying to get a book on the required reading list, the club woman trying to get material for her club paper, the child looking for a fairy tale, the “shutin” desiring a little fiction, and the mechanic seeking an engineering book often cannot find what they need on the shelves. At present the remedy cannot come through higher taxation nor through the financially burdened board of school commissioners. It must come from the generosity of citizens through wills, memorials, donations, and bequests as many of the Eastern libraries receive their support.


“Indianapolis is Book Poor,” The Indianapolis Star, 20 February 1921, Part Two, p. 11:5


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