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Indianapolis Folk Will Jazz in New Year with Lid Tilted 'Just a Bit'

From The Indianapolis Times, Friday, December 31, 1920: Dancing the old year out and ushering in the new one has been assured in Indianapolis since the police have sent out word that dancing would be permitted until 1 a.m. The announcement brought joy to the hearts of those bent on dancing to the mesmerizing strains of the saxophone, the wail of the banjo, and the syncopated sighing of the slide trombone. In addition to New Year’s Eve arrangements made for the fox-trotting public at hotels and clubs, churches will hold watch night services and homes will be the scene of watch night parties. While there will be dancing, it will be a “dry” celebration among the merrymakers; “hip pocket parties” will not be tolerated by law enforcement and hotels will not permit dispensing of cheering cocktails from individual bottles.


“Indianapolis Folk Will Jazz in New Year with Lid Tilted ‘Just a Bit’,” The Indianapolis Times, 31 December 1920, p. 1:4


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