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Hoosier Basketball Officials Form Board

From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, November 29, 1921: Dale Miller, one of the most popular Indiana basketball officials, hosted a meeting of thirteen Indianapolis basketball officials last evening at the Board of Trade. After making a list of their names, addresses, and phone numbers so that high school, college, and independent coaches and managers may know where a competent and experienced official is available, they formed a state board that will meet from time to time during the basketball season with coaches and officials to discuss rules of the game and in this way standardize procedures throughout the state. Officers of the organization are Pat Page, Butler College athletic director, president; “Hap” Craigle, well known basketball referee, vice president; and Dale Miller, secretary-treasurer. The officers will draft organization bylaws and consider affiliation with the national board of approved basketball officials.

“Hoosier Basketball Officials Form Board,” The Indianapolis News, 29 November 1921, p. 22:1


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