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Health Board Gets Charge in School

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, September 26, 1923: The Indianapolis board of school commissioners transferred nutrition work in the public schools to the city board of public health. However, the actual teaching of nutrition in all public schools will be conducted by teachers, trained in nutrition work, where it will now be taught as a regular subject. Medical examinations and health charts are to be made by the health board’s physicians and nurses which will require a corps of doctors and at least one nurse for every two school buildings to be hired by the board of health. Representatives of women’s clubs who initially had vigorously opposed the transfer later expressed an opinion that the plan may prove to be the best. Last year, two special teachers were employed by the school board to carry on the entire nutrition work.

“Health Board Gets Charge in School,” The Indianapolis Star, 26 September 1923, p. 1:2


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