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Goblins, Black Cats and Fun-Seekers Rule Tonight

From The Indianapolis Times, Wednesday, October 31, 1923: Tonight, goblins, black cats, ghosts, witches, and fun-seekers will rule for it is Halloween. Youngsters will don masquerade costumes and funny faces and make their merry rounds. In the days leading up to Halloween, junior high teachers and students in many schools talked over vandalism versus innocent pranks and while the mysterious creatures that make All Hallows Eve terrifying will take full advantage of their privileges, Police Chief Herman Rikhoff intends that there will be no vandalism. A squad of police have already been busy last night touring the city and breaking up crowds of boys playing Halloween pranks. However, as night falls, porches will be well-lighted, porch furniture will have been taken inside and buckets of water will be handy for not all ghost and goblins will abide by the rules.

“Goblins, Black Cats and Fun-Seekers Rule Tonight,” The Indianapolis Times, 31 October 1923, p. 1:1

Picture clipped from The Indianapolis Times, 30 October 1923, p. 1


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