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Famous Coach to be Athletic Director at Butler College

From The Indianapolis News, Wednesday, February 11, 1920: Harlan “Pat” Page, assistant coach to Amos Alonzo Stagg at the University of Chicago, has accepted the position of athletic director at Butler College. Page’s appointment marks the passing of the haphazard athletic effort that has marked the history of Butler’s sports program, culminating in last year’s first-time winless football season for the Blue and White. While an undergraduate at Chicago, Page played varsity football for the team that twice won the western conference championship title and he played varsity basketball on the team that won the western conference title three successive years, including a national championship. For the last nine years since his graduation from Chicago, Page has been Coach Stagg’s right-hand man. He is interested in intramural work and will bring a coordinated, scientific, and unified athletic policy to Butler.

“Famous Coach to be Athletic Director at Butler College,” The Indianapolis News, 11 February 1920, p. 20:4


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