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Englewood Pastor Resigns, Rapping Klan Church Rule

One Hundred Years Ago – From The Indianapolis Star, Thursday, June 14, 1923: Last week the Englewood Christian Church board of trustees voted 19 to 10 calling for pastor Rev. Frank E. Davison’s resignation because of his denunciation of a “100 per cent Americanism” mass meeting organized on church property by the “Hustling Hundred,” a civic and social group affiliated with the church, as an attempt to promote Ku Klux Klan propaganda. Despite a resolution unanimously adopted by the Indianapolis Christian Ministers’ Association commending his stand in opposing the Ku Klux Klan, Rev. Davison submitted his letter of resignation to the church board last night. “How could I align myself with an institution that divides churches, homes and communities and plants the seed of hate in human hearts…It has been in the interest of real Americanism that I have taken my stand,” Rev. Davison wrote.


“Englewood Pastor Resigns, Rapping Klan Church Rule,” The Indianapolis Star, 14 June 1923, p. 1:3


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