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District Clubs Demand Revised Immigration Laws

From The Indianapolis Star, Saturday, April 16, 1921: The Seventh District Federation of Clubs adopted a resolution yesterday demanding yearly quotas on the number of immigrants admitted into the United States, “accepting only those essential to our well-being and urges that judicious methods be adopted to assimilate and incorporate the alien into the life of the nation.” The resolution also deplored the publication of 300 foreign language newspapers in the United States, urging legislation looking to having these papers published in the English language. The action followed a talk on “Americanization” by Dr. Virgil Rorer, pastor of Meridian Street Methodist Church, who advocated, in addition to the measures in the resolution, keeping immigrants from the slums and locating them where needed. He also called for the teaching of Americanization. The resolution will be sent to the Marion County Congregational delegation.


“District Clubs Demand Revised Immigration Laws,” The Indianapolis Star, 16 April 1921, p. 18:4


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