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David Lloyd George is Cheered by Thousands

From The Indianapolis News, Monday, October 22, 1923: David Lloyd George, Britain’s World War Premier, received a warm Hoosier welcome by enthusiastic throngs that gathered at Pennsylvania Railroad stations along the route from Louisville to Indianapolis today. Rousing cheers greeted the train as it pulled into Union Station and shortly after noon the 11th Infantry Band and a company of soldiers from Ft. Harrison led the open car carrying Lloyd George and Gov. McCray through downtown streets lined with hundreds of people waving miniature Union Jacks. At the Soldier and Sailors’ Monument members of the Grand Army of the Republic, Butler College students, high school pupils and Boy Scouts greeted the former premier as the troops halted and formed a lane through which Lloyd George walked up the steps and placed a wreath in memory of the Civil War veterans.

“David Lloyd George is Cheered by Thousands,” The Indianapolis News, 22 October 1923, p. 1:1


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