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Colored Baptists Ask Recognition of Race

From The Indianapolis News, Friday, September 10, 1920: Speakers at the colored Baptist National Convention meeting in Tomlinson Hall condemned mob violence, lynching and general lawlessness. “True democracy can never exist in America as long as men and women are lynched and burned at the stake. America can never criticize others so long as she is unable to protect her own loyal citizens,” declared Rev. Parks of Philadelphia. “Now is the time we must let the world know we are opposed to proscriptions of any kind. We want to see, as far as it is in our power to do so, that only men are sent to congress who believe in the sacredness of human rights, and will recognize in the negro an American citizen, deserving of every right accorded any loyal, law-abiding citizen,” asserted Dr. Barbour of Galveston, Texas.


“Colored Baptists Ask Recognition of Race,” The Indianapolis News, 10 September 1920, p. 14:4


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