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Classic Irvington May Be Seen in Action 2,000 Years from Now

From The Indianapolis News, Saturday, February 3, 1923: The Irvington Commercial and Welfare Association has made arrangements for the filming of the classic suburb. The movies will be taken by the Indianapolis Motion Picture Co, starting in the next few days. Pictures of Butler College, churches, schools, and other public buildings along with some of the stately old Irvington residences will be shown. Pictures of the winding Irvington streets will not be made until the late spring, when added beauty will be given by the foliage. Some of the prominent citizens and members of the older Irvington families will be filmed. When completed, the film will be shown on the screen for the citizens of Irvington and then it will be tucked safely away in the custody of the Welfare Association to be preserved for the enlightenment of future generations.


“Classic Irvington May Be Seen in Action 2,000 Years from Now,” The Indianapolis News, 3 February 1923, p. 1:2


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