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...City Building...Under Proposed Zoning Ordinance

One Hundred Years Ago – From The Indianapolis News, Tuesday, August 1, 1922: A proposed zoning ordinance, prepared by the Indianapolis plan commission, divides areas of the city into five district classifications: U1 dwelling house, only residential buildings; U2 apartment, occupies the principal part of the north side and areas east and west of the city; U3 business, is the downtown district, and various neighborhoods where store buildings may be built; U4 first industrial, surrounds the downtown district on the east, south, and west, and extends in strips northeast, east, south, and into West Indianapolis; and U5 second industrial, where semi-nuisance industry such as chemical plants, iron works, packing houses, fertilizer plants and similar industries may be placed. This includes West Indianapolis where such industries now are and small areas southeast, west, northwest and northeast of the city. The ordinance will not affect existing buildings.

"…City Building…Under Proposed Zoning Ordinance,” The Indianapolis News, 1 August 1922, p. 19:2


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