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Butler to Buy Fairview Park

From The Indianapolis Star, Wednesday, November 22, 1922: The Butler College board of directors, in a special meeting yesterday afternoon, unanimously decided to accept the site committee recommendations and exercise the option to buy Fairview Park from the Indianapolis Street Railway Co and move the college from Irvington to that location. A committee will immediately raise the $200,000 (2020: $3,144,483) to purchase the park grounds, and another committee will have charge of a campaign to raise an $800,000 (2020: $12,577,932) building fund. It will probably be two years before new buildings at Fairview will be ready for use, although an athletic facility will be in use before that time. Although deeply regretting the necessity for removal from Irvington, the 246 acres north of the city will permit expansion and growth of the college on the scale contemplated by college authorities.


“Butler to Buy Fairview Park,” The Indianapolis Star, 22 November 1922, p. 1:7


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